Tools for using Nutritional Ketosis in the treatment of Refractory Epilepsy & other Neurological Conditions in a clinical setting.

Free Recipe Balancer Module

Launched early 2019, the recipe balancer automatically, instantly and completely balances recipes to an individual's prescription. TRY IT NOW!

Custom Food Exchange Lists

Patients can create their own custom food exchange lists in addition to live ingredient swap in the recipe and meal balancers.

Practioner Prescription Builder

This will use international best practice and maximum flexibility to allow trained practitioners to create and modify patient prescriptions efficiently.

Meal Balancer Module

Based on the successful Recipe Balancer algorithms, this allows creation and instant balancing of a meal to an individual's prescription.

Nutrition Label Scanner

This is a mobile optimised, international scanner for getting nutritional information off the packaging, calculated, approved and saved into the food database.

Practitioner Sick Day Shake

As an extension of the practitioner prescription builder, a sick day shake is automatically calculated appropriate to the patient's prescription.

Recipe Builder/Balancer Module

This recipe balancer comes with full recipe management. Recipe saving, and recipe creation wizard with instant balancing functionality.

Food Events Bloods Diary

The future is entry in one app for seizures, recovery, blood sugars, ketones, events, and food diary all in once place. Linked to the practitioner for instant reporting.

Practitioner Live Patient Reports

Linked practitioner and patient apps, with innovative graphing and exception alerts, will free up practitioners to concentrate on clinical decision making.

Registered Dietitian Led.

Tools for using Nutritional Ketosis in a clinical setting.

We are developing a suite of unique advanced digital tools to help with the delivery of Ketogenic Dietary Therapy. We aim to free up practitioner time from number crunching, in order to focus on clinical decisions and to treat more patients. We have madea the Ketogenic Diet more accessible and easier to comply with for patients. We have a team with broad skills, including experienced Ketogenic Registered Dietitians from Canada and New Zealand.


PATIENTS Save Time & Eat as a Family

We are aiming to save families time that can be spent better with each other. In addition we want to make Ketogenic Dietary Therapy more accessible, by giving families the flexibility to create ketogenic meals that can be shared as a family in a normal way.


PRACTIONERS Save Time - Treat More Patients

We are saving dietitians from the resource sapping number crunching involved in creating individual prescriptions and endless variations of balanced recipes. We believe practitioners time is best spent making clinical decisions.

PARTNERS Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust

In 2018 the Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust generously funded the first free KetoSuite Recipe Balancer module. This proved the technology and paves the way forward. Read more here...