Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust

Contribution to KetoSuite

The Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust made the first prototypes in KetoSuite (Recipe Balancer) possible, and continue to work in partnership supporting KetoSuite.

It is fair to say trusts traditionally find it easier to invest in physical equipment. We are grateful Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust was brave enough to contribute to a digital product such as this. While everyone on the team contributed some of their own resources to the project, Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust's contribution was the majority of the financial resources we needed for proof of concept.

As of August 2019 the Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust and KetoSuite have entered into a partnering agreement in New Zealand where we collectively aim to make Ketogenic Dietary Therapy more accessible and easier to comply with, and improving the lives of many.

Brydie's Story

"Brydie taught everyone so much in her short life. She was the most inspiring little lady and never gave up. So in her honour I decided that I wanted to do something that would help all children with Neurological disorders and so was the beginning of the 'Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust'." - Anna Lauder

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